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Live Market Rates

  • Gold (Au) $3659.78
  • Silver (Ag) $44.32
  • Live Prices: Accurate as of Wed 24th July 2024 @ 9:00pm

No hidden fee's, commissions or other charges.

Prices we pay for Gold Jewellery

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The Adelaide Gold Company are leading gold buyers Adelaide, we will purchase any silver or gold jewellery from or gold buying suite located in Adelaide CBD.

Regardless of the condition or quantity of gold you have to sell, you are welcome to visit our gold buyers suite to collect top cash for your gold or unwanted gold items.

The price to the right are live and display the price per gram for all gold jewellery items.

Gold Jewellery Payment Rates

Gold Purity Level We Pay You
24ct (99.9% Pure) Gold Items: $109.67 Per Gram
22ct (91.6% Pure) Gold Items: $100.56 Per Gram
21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items: $98.80 Per Gram
21ct (87.5% Pure) Gold Items: $96.06 Per Gram
20ct (83.3% Pure) Gold Items: $91.45 Per Gram
18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items: $82.34 Per Gram
15ct (62.5% Pure) Gold Items: $68.61 Per Gram
14ct (58.3% Pure) Gold Items: $64.00 Per Gram
10ct (41.6% Pure) Gold Items: $45.67 Per Gram
9ct (37.5% Pure) Gold Items: $41.17 Per Gram
8ct (33.3% Pure) Gold Items: $36.56 Per Gram

Current Gold/Silver Bullion Rates

Bullion/Coin We Pay You We Sell For
1oz 999 Gold Bar $3586 $3730
1oz 999 Gold Coin $3586 $3770
10oz 999 Gold Bar $35865 $37008
1kg 999 Gold Bar $115311 $118830
1 gram 24k Gold Granules $109.67 $142
1oz 999 Silver $42.55 $52.67
10oz 999 Silver $425.00 $502.56
1kg 999 Silver $1367.00 $1526.63

Buy & Sell Gold & Silver Bullion

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Adelaide Gold Company are proud to offer the highest pay outs for when you sell gold bullion or sell silver bullion in our Adelaide CBD suite.

Our buying and selling rates for all gold and silver bullion items are displayed to the right and are live with international spot prices.

To get the best prices when you buy bullion or sell bullion in Adelaide, visit our office today or buy bullion online.

Sell Gold Coins & Silver Coins

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Adelaide Gold Company also buy silver and gold coins from all over the world at leading rates, the most common coins can be found to the right. If you are looking to sell gold or silver coins then look no further than Adelaide Gold Company.

Gold / Silver Coin Payment Rates

Coin Type We Pay You
1oz 999 Gold Coin $3586 Each
1oz Krugerrands $3366 Each
$200 Gold Coins $1006 Each
Gold Sovereigns $802 Each
Pre 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp $0.00 Per Gram
Post 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp 0.00 Per Gram
1966 50c Silver Round Coin $11.35 Each
Mexican Peso $4116 Each
Gold Loans

Gold Loans / Gold Pawnbroker Service

Gold Loans

If you do not want to sell your gold you can take a gold loan instead. Adelaide Gold Company offer short and long term loans from any gold or silver items you have, whether it's a prized family heirloom or gold or silver bullion. We are proud to offer the lowest interest rates in the Adelaide market.

Sell Gold Nuggets in Adelaide

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Just started gold prospecting or been in the game for a while? Doesn't matter, Adelaide Gold Company will buy any amount of gold nuggets you have to sell.

We can purchase your gold nuggets direct off the XRF machine or have them melted down at our gold refinery offering you the highest payouts.

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Gold Loans Adelaide

Sell gold to us in Adelaide CBD

Located in Adelaide? Want top cash for gold and silver? Come visit our gold buying suite located in Rundall Mall. The highest payouts are guaranteed if you want to sell gold jewellery, gold or silver bullion or other gold or silver items. All gold and silver items are tested on the spot with XRF technology and instant cash will be paid to you. Our gold buyers suite offers full privacy when conducting the transaction. At Adelaide Gold Company with have up to date pricing with the international spot price market with no hidden fee's or charges when you sell gold or silver to us.

Selling Gold In Adelaide

Take a Gold Loan from our Adelaide CBD Suite

With Adelaide Gold Company you have the option to take out a gold loan rather than selling gold jewellery, gold coins or gold bullion to us. With our Gold Loans service you have the flexibility to take out a loan in 30 day allotments, all loans are automatically renewed after 30 days after the interest due for the month has been paid. For more information on our gold pawnbroker services, gold loan interest rates or gold and silver items we accept at our Adelaide Suite, please click the button below.

Gold Loans / Adelaide Gold Pawn Shop

Buy gold from us in Adelaide CBD or from our online shop

The Adelaide Gold Company are Adelaide's leading gold bullion dealer, As an authorised distributor for ABC Bullion we offer a range of gold bullion and silver bullion products. You can buy gold bullion from us instore and pay cash or order online via our online bullion store. More information or to view our gold and silver bullion products please click the button below.

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How To Visit Our Office in Adelaide CBD

How to visit our Adelaide Gold Dealers Suite

Our gold buyers Adelaide office is located at Suite 619, Level 6/38 Gawler Place, Adelaide.

We are a short 7 minute walk from Adelaide Train Station, and the entrance to our building is located on just off Rundle Mall.

When you arrive, proceed through the entrance of 38 Gawler Place and continue to the lift, then exit on Level 6, where you will find our office.

If driving into Adelaide City Centre, the cheapest short term parking is available at UPark Gawler Place, with only a very short walk to our office.

For more information, call our office on (08) 8304 8998 or visit us in store.

Our Adelaide Location

Bullion Storage Services

Adelaide Gold Company provides storage services for all types of gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion bars and bullion coins.

For more information and pricing, please click the button below:

Bullion Storage Services

Gold Bullion Storage Adelaide
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