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Our Leading Adelaide Gold Buyers Offer YOU Cash for Gold Today!

If you are looking to sell gold or silver items, such as jewellery, coins or bullion, visit us today at the Adelaide Gold Company for industry leading practices and the highest payment rates.

Live Market Rates

  • Gold (Au) $3550.1
  • Silver (Ag)$45.34
  • Live Prices: Accurate as of Sat 13th July 2024 @ 1:50pm

No hidden fee's, commissions or other charges.

Gold Jewellery Payment Rates

  • Gold Purity Level
    We Pay You
  • 24ct (99.9% Pure) Gold Items:
    $106.38 Per Gram
  • 22ct (91.6% Pure) Gold Items:
    $97.55 Per Gram
  • 21.6ct (90% Pure) Gold Items:
    $95.84 Per Gram
  • 21ct (87.5% Pure) Gold Items:
    $93.18 Per Gram
  • 20ct (83.3% Pure) Gold Items:
    $88.71 Per Gram
  • 18ct (75% Pure) Gold Items:
    $79.87 Per Gram
  • 15ct (62.5% Pure) Gold Items:
    $66.56 Per Gram
  • 14ct (58.3% Pure) Gold Items:
    $62.08 Per Gram
  • 10ct (41.6% Pure) Gold Items:
    $44.30 Per Gram
  • 9ct (37.5% Pure) Gold Items:
    $39.93 Per Gram
  • 8ct (33.3% Pure) Gold Items:
    $35.46 Per Gram

Current Gold/Silver Bullion Rates

  • Bullion/Coin
    We Pay You
    We Sell For
  • 1oz 999 Gold Bar
  • 1oz 999 Gold Coin
  • 10oz 999 Gold Bar
  • 1kg 999 Gold Bar
  • 1 gram 24k Gold Granules
  • 1oz 999 Silver
  • 10oz 999 Silver
  • 1kg 999 Silver

Scrap Silver Payment Rates

  • Silver Purity
    We Pay You
  • 99.9%+ Purity (999) Silver
    $1.09 Per Gram
  • 92.5% Purity (925) Silver
    $1.01 Per Gram
  • 90% Purity (900) Silver
    $0.98 Per Gram
  • 50% Purity (500) Silver
    $0.51 Per Gram
  • 32.5% Purity (325) Silver
    $0.33 Per Gram

Gold/Silver Coin Payment Rates

  • Coin Type
    We Pay You
  • 1oz 999 Gold Coin
    $3479 Each
  • 1oz Krugerrands
    $3265 Each
  • $200 Gold Coins
    $976 Each
  • Gold Sovereigns
    $778 Each
  • Pre 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp
    $0.00 Per Gram
  • Post 1946 Florin / Shilling / Sixp
    $0.00 Per Gram
  • 1966 50c Silver Round Coin
    $11.61 Each
  • Mexican Peso
    $3993 Each

Receive top Cash for gold jewellery from leading Gold buyers Adelaide.

Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash

The Adelaide Gold Company are proud to offer leading industry rates when you sell gold jewellery gold coins or any other gold or silver item to us.

Our rates are transparently advertised above and update live with international gold spot prices.

You can visit our gold buyers suite located in Gawler Place next to Rundall Mall.

The process is simple and easy. Your items are tested and weighted in front of you and our gold buyer consultant will pay you in cash.

Our office is located 5 minute walk from the Adelaide train station and on street parking is available.

Sell Gold Jewellery For Cash

Sell Gold Bullion or Sell Silver Bullion in Adelaide.

Sell gold coins adelaide

At Adelaide Gold Company you will receive the highest payments in Adelaide when you sell gold bullion or sell silver bullion.

Our Gold Buyers staff will assess any gold or silver bullion you have within minutes and pay you in Cash or EFT.

No quantity of gold or silver bullion is too small or too large. We also purchase any gold coins or silver coins you have to sell.

All buying prices are live with international gold and silver spot prices.

Receiving Cash for Gold is safe and easy:

Step One

Visit our Adelaide Office: located in Grawlaw Place, Adelaide CBD between 9:30 - 5:30 Monday - Friday.

Step Two

We value and your gold and silver items in front of you quote you based on live market rates.

Step Three

If you are happy with the price and accept we will pay you in cash or bank transfer on the spot.

100% Accurate Precious Metal Purity Testing With Our Industry Leading XRF Scanning Technology

best adelaide gold buyers

Advanced XRF Technology for accurate non-destructive testing.

XRF technology is the latest and highest quality industry standard equipment available to gold buyers to test the purity of your gold items. Unlike other methods XRF can indicatively tell us the purity of your gold without having to damage your gold or silver items.

Adelaide Gold Company have invested in the latest XRF machinery to ensure complete accuracy. Rest assured that accurate analysis of your gold and silver items can be undertaken to receive the highest cash pay outs for your gold and silver.

Visit us in Store Today

  • The Adelaide Gold Company
    Suite 619, Level 6/
    38 Gawler Place,
    Adelaide, SA. 5000
  • Phone: (08) 8304 8998
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