Pool Allocated Gold Bullion & Pool Allocated Silver Bullion Fast and easy method to invest in Silver & Gold Online banking centre together with Adelaide's Gold Company

  • Start an account for instant access & instant trading
  • 24/7 trading
  • No fees for storage on your investment holdings
  • Sell for instant cash & physically withdraw your holdings
  • Visit instore to deposit physical bullion with no fees into your pool holdings
  • Every client is Welcomed and accepted: Personal or Business, Trusts & SMSF
  • June 30, report, transaction and history Invoices accessible as required towards SMSF Auditors
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Pool Allocated Bullion: How it Works

  • Sign up to AGC's investor centre to create your secured account. 1
  • Buy & Sell Silver and Gold with easy online 24/7 access. Make payment via bank deposit or using existing account credits. 2
  • Easy access view of your bullion holdings and cash holdings value online 24/7 3
  • Withdraw your holdings to physical bullion or to your cash holdings with AGC to your chosen bank account. 4

Our AGC Pool Allocated Bullion Service

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About Our Pool Allocated Bullion Products

  • AGC's pool allocated Bullion is the best alternative option to storing physical bullion bars. AGC's pool allocated includes storage with no additional fees, a flexibility in selling and trading 24/7, a simple, efficient and worry-free process to invest.
  • Option to sell metal holdings into your chosen cash account held with AGC investor centre or withdraw your pool holdings into physical gold bullion and silver bullion goods chosen from AGC's online store.
  • You can continue to keep trading with your cash holdings to re-invest into your chosen silver or gold bullion or you can select your external a bank account to withdraw into.
  • A barring fee applies when selecting option to withdraw pool bullion into physical bullion. A barring fee is the cost different in a pooled gold and silver and the physical gold and silver. Pooled Bullion can be withdrawn into any selected product chosen from AGC’s online store.
  • Barring Fee Example 1: Current Pooled 1ozt holding value = $2950, Current 1ozt AGC bullion bar price $2985, barring fee = $35
  • Barring Fee Example 2: Current pooled 1ozt holding value $2950, Current 1oz Royal Mint Britannia Gold Coin value $3020, barring fee = $70
  • AGC's pooled account offers a competitive low margin between pooled and physical holdings. AGC guarantees that all pooled metal bullions are vaulted by AGC at no additional cost.
  • Start by creating your account in AGC's Investor Centre. Log in and begin buying, selling, and managing your pool bullion holdings and credit anytime, anywhere, 24/7 with a click of a button. Enjoy easy access to reporting, statements, and invoices.
  • In addition, there's an option to deposit physical bullion from your possession into your allocated pooled account. With no appointments required, bring your bullion to our office, and the weight will be transferred to your pool account within the next 24 hours after activation. After the transfer is successfully completed, you can begin managing it from your account.
  • AGC takes pride in caring for our customers and their metal goods, providing a superior level of care and security for our customers' accounts, allowing you to manage and trade from your account with peace of mind and ease at AGC.
  • Our friendly and prompt support team ensures that our customers receive premium service, support, and advice. Please contact us to engage directly with our support team for assistance and inquiries. All questions are welcome.

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